Courses for Beginners

Photo for Our Certificates Page studentOur courses for Beginners are suitable for anyone who is looking to learn the essential beginner level skills in cake baking, cake decorating and working with chocolate.

Below we have listed our beginner level courses in a recommended order so that you can build up your sugarcraft skills in logical way, you can take them in this order or select just the ones you are interested in. If you would like some help working out where you should begin please contact us.

If you are not local or are unable to attend evening classes, we offer our Beginner Level Courses as one, two & four Day Workshops', these are scheduled throughout the year; during the weekdays, at the weekends, inside and outside of school holidays. If you have specific dates in mind that do not fit our scheduled group classes or you prefer to learn on a 'one to one' basis, private tuition is available.

Payment for the course fee can be made in full at the time that you make your booking or you can secure your place with a £50 deposit (unless otherwise stated) and agree an arrangement to pay the remaining balance that suits your monthly budget. Places on each course are limited to 8 students.

Baking Classes

Cake Baking Skills for Beginners - The Basics (Certificate) - £120 (6 hours)

Baking Victoria_Sandwich2

Master the art of successful sponge cake baking and make a variety of our favourite traditional cake recipes: Victoria Sandwich filled with freshly whipped cream & jam, Lemon Maderia topped with a delicious Lemon Sugar Syrup, Rich Chocolate cake finished with Belgian Chocolate Ganache & Sticky Toffee cupcakes with salted caramel frosting.

An 'ALL INCLUSIVE', hands on, fun packed day of baking perfect for those who have not baked much before or are not happy with their home baking results. Everything you make together with recipe cards will be packaged ready for you to take home.

If you are a more experienced baker take a look at our 'Free From' Cake Baking Skills' Workshop.

More dates coming soon, please contact us for details.

'Free From' Sponge Cake Baking Skills - The Basics (Certificate) - £120 (6 hours)

There is an iBakingSkills4ncreasing demand for 'Free From' cakes without compromising on taste and texture. Join this masterclass and learn all about using 'easy to find' gluten free, dairy free and egg free ingredients.

With a lot of research and testing we have put together a variety of our favourite, delicious tasting sponge cakes, fillings & toppings to share with you. These include: Gluten Free Coconut Cake filled with raspberry jam, Vegan Chocolate Cake topped with a delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Ganache, Vegan Carrot Cake with Dairy Free Cream Cheese Frosting, Gluten Free Cupcakes with Dairy Free Buttercream Frosting.

An 'ALL INCLUSIVE', hands on, fun packed day of baking. Everything you make together with recipe cards will be packaged ready for you to take home and of course there will be enough cake to sample with a cup of tea whilst you are with us.

For those who are new to baking, we also offer a 'Cake Baking Skills for Beginners' Workshop.

More dates coming soon, please contact us for details.

Cake Decorating Classes

NEW - Beginners to Sugarcraft - 5 Week (Evening) Course - £155 (10 hours)


royal icing the basics


Teddybear hannah

Introducing our short 5 week (evening) course that we have put together for those who want to learn the basics.

It is an ideal starting point for a complete beginner or for those self taught and fairly new to the craft.

Learn, practice and develop the essential beginner level skills that you need when covering cakes, modelling characters, making wired sugar flowers & working with Royal Icing.

Tuesday 19th September to 17th October (7.30pm - 9.30pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Tuesday 7th November to 5th December (7.30pm - 9.30pm) - PLACES!booknow

Introduction to Gum Paste & Fondant - Wilton Method Course 3 - £150 (8 hours)


This is an 8 hour certificate course where you will learn how to work successfully with fondant (sugarpaste) and gum paste (flower paste). From covering your cakes, cutting shapes and painting on fondant to making unwired flowers like Calla Lilies, Roses and Carnations, you will learn all the basics.

This is a perfect all round course for complete beginners who would like to learn the basics before progressing onto our classes that require 'some cake decorating experience', it will also give you the pre-requisite skills you require to be able to progress onto our PME Sugarpaste Diploma.

Included is a Wilton Course 3 Kit (worth £41.99) containing a workbook and much of the equipment you will use to complete your course. For inspirational pictures and more information on what you will learn please click here.

Sunday (One Day) - 10th September (9am - 5pm) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Sunday (One Day) - 22nd October (9am - 5pm) - 4 PLACES!  booknow

Sunday (One Day) - 12th November (9am - 5pm) - 4 PLACES!  booknow

Sponge Cake Covering & Character Modelling Skills (Certificate)

- £95 (6 hours)


Teddybear hannah

Does covering a sponge cake in sugarpaste leave you frustrated and dissatisfied with the end result or are you just not confident with sugarpaste and like to leave your cakes in their 'naked' state?

If this sounds like you then why not enrol on this 'back to basics' workshop. Using a real cake, we will guide you through the careful preparation needed before your cake is ready to be professionally covered in sugarpaste, sharing our tips and techniques along the way.

In this workshop you will also learn how to make modelling paste and create this cute teddybear character to sit proudly on top of your freshly coated cake.

After achieving either of these cake covering skills classes you will have the necessary pre-requisite skills to progress onto our PME Sugarpaste Diploma.

Monday 11th September (10.15am - 4.15pm) - 3 PLACES!booknow

Saturday 14th October (10am - 4pm) - 2 PLACES!booknow

PME Sugarpaste Diploma Certificate - 4 Day - £340 (25 hours) 

If you are self taught or fairly new to cake decorating this 4 day intensive course is an ideal way to get to grips with cake covering skills and working with sugarpaste. If you are a complete beginner you may wish to consider taking our Wilton Method Course 3 - Fondant (Sugarpaste) & Gum Paste (Flower Paste) first. 

Click here for details about our other PME Diploma & Masters Certificate courses.

PME Sugarpaste Jungle  Basic Techniques
  Coating fruit cakes, sponge cakes & dummies, Crimping & Embossing
  Fabric Effects, Swags, Drapes, Frills & Flounces
  Ribbons, Bows, Sugar Embroidery, Pastillage,  
  Modelling Fun Figures, Simple sculpted Novelty Cake 
  Texturing, Fabric Flowers & Leaves, Inlay & Applique
  Stacked Cake Design & Handling
  Designing Celebration Cakes & Colour Balance
  Basic Business Guidelines
  Copyright & License
PMESP Frills Flounces PMESP Drapes FabricFlowersTeddybear carved cake



Monday 18th Sept - Thursday 21st Sept (10.15am - 4.15pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Tuesday 31st October - Friday 3rd November (10.15am - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Please contact us for further dates and details.

Building Buttercream Skills - Wilton Method Course 1 - £150 (8 hours)


This is an 8 hour certificate course where you will master the art of working successfully with buttercream. You will learn how to decorate cakes and sweet treats with basic buttercream techniques and six simple to pipe flowers that transform ordinary cakes and cupcakes into extraordinary results.

Included is a Wilton Course 1 Kit (worth £41.99) containing a workbook and much of the equipment you will use to complete your course.

For inspirational pictures and more information about what you will learn please click here.

Friday (One Day) - 8th September (9am - 5pm) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Friday (One Day) - 20th October (9am - 5pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Friday (One Day) - 10th November (9am - 5pm) - 3 PLACES!booknow

NEW - Floral Cupcake Box Bouquet - £60 (3 hours - Evening class) 

Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet 2

A fun 3 hour workshop where you will learn how to work with multi coloured buttercream and specialist 'Russian style' piping tubes to create these beautiful buttercream flowers and make a spectacular floral cupcake bouquet!

All you need to bring are cupcakes and buttercream (recipes will be provided). We will supply all other materials & equipment including tissue paper & bouquet box packaging.

Wednesday 11th October (7pm - 10pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Tuesday 24th October (7pm - 10pm) - PLACES!booknow

NEW - More Buttercream Flowers - £60 (3 hours)  

Buttercream Flowers 2 Buttercream Flowers 3Extend your buttercream piping skills and learn how to use petal, leaf & writing tips to produce this selection of beautiful flowers.

All you need to bring are 6 cupcakes in a cupcake box, we will provide everything else.

Thursday 19th October (10.15am - 1.15pm) - 3 PLACES!booknow

Monday 23rd October (10am - 1pm) - PLACES!booknow

Royal Icing Skills - Flowers & Cake Design - Wilton Method Course 2 - £150 (8 hours)


An 8 hour certificate course where you will learn how to create professional-looking flowers and designs made from royal icing. You will develop core skills to make many varieties of flowers, such as rosebuds, pansies, lilies and The Wilton Rose.

It is a requirement that you already have some basic piping skills or that you achieve Wilton Method Course 1 - Building Buttercream Skills before you atttend this course.

Included is a Wilton Course 2 Kit (worth £41.99) containing a workbook and much of the equipment you will use to complete your course.

For inspirational pictures and more information about what you will learn please click here.

Once you have attended this course you can feel confident that you have the necessary skills to progress onto our PME Royal Icing Diploma Course.

Saturday (One Day) - 9th September (9am - 5pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Saturday (One Day) - 21st October (9am - 5pm) - 4 PLACES!booknow

Saturday (One Day) - 11th November (9am - 5pm) - 4 PLACES!booknow

Introduction to Wired Sugar Flower Skills (Certificate) - £95 (6 hours) 

A technicalRose 2 course where you will learn and practice the art of making realistic, delicate looking wired sugar flowers. You will learn all the essential beginner level skills such as Rolling, thinning, frilling, ridges, cutting, veining, colouring, glazing, steaming, taping and displaying. To practice these skills you will be making a large open Rose and Rose leaves wired into a beautiful single stem arrangement.

Once you have attended this course you will have the necessary skills to progress onto our PME Sugar Flowers Diploma.

Friday 15th September (10.15am - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Cake Carving Skills - £105 (6 hours)

Picture5This one day workshoCake Carved_Vehicle_Lynn0217Cake Carved_Vehicle_Lynn02171p will take you step by step through how to carve a madeira cake into a 3D shaped car using blue prints as templates.

You will learn about crumb filler, using ganache as a coating and how to successfully cover irregular cake shapes with sugarpaste before adding all the details. As a finishing touch your car will have special front headlights that 'light up' for real!

If you are not confident covering sponge cakes, we recommend you attend our 'Introduction to Sponge Cake Covering Workshop' before you attend this class.

Please contact us for further dates & details. 

NEW - Introduction to Wedding Cake Design & Creation - 2 Day Intensive Course

DSC 0018

A new 2 day course, suitable for all levels including those who are fairly new to cake decorating who wish to learn about designing, planning and executing their 'own style' wedding cakes.

On this course, you will work on a real cake and 2 faux dummy cakes to create a fabulous 3 tier master piece. You will learn and practice the following essential skills:

Level, split, fill and crumb coat a deep layered sponge cake with ganache (middle tier).

Professionally cover both sponge cake and faux dummy cakes with sugarpaste and achieve sharp edges.

How to dowel, stack and secure cake tiers ready for transportation.Class Photo_WeddingCake_2DayWorkshop

How to marble sugarpaste to add interest to your cake covering and incorporate silver leaf, cake lace and dragees into your design.

How to pipe side designs using royal icing.

Make a large wired statement sugar flower to complete your wedding cake.

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September (10am - 4pm) - 4 PLACES!booknow 

Working Successfully with Chocolate - 2 Day Intensive - £275 (14 hours)

chocolateskills2805201620170226 185538This certificate course is a 2 day (all inclusive) technical workshop perfect for those who wish to learn the art of working successfully with chocolate.

Hannah Collison who trained at Barry Callebaut and with Mark tilling will help you master the skills to temper chocolate using different methods, how to make, flavour, colour and use dark and white chocolate ganache to coat cakes and as fillings for hand made chocolates, how to work with professional chocolate moulds, making chocolate shards, mirror glazes, piping with chocolate and more.. You will create this stunning cake design and make your own range of delicious tasting chocolates using the finest belgian ingredients.

Places are limited to 6 students. A comprehensive set of notes will be given to you and everything that you make and don't eat! will be packaged for you to take home.

To get the most out of this workshop you will need to have some previous experience covering and decorating cakes.

Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th October (10.00am - 5.00pm) - FULLY BOOKED!fullybooked

Please contact us for further dates & details. 

What can I study next?

PME Royal Icing 4 Day Intensive Aug 14

Once you feel confident with the basics, if you wish, you can progress onto some of our more advanced classes such as the PME Professional Diploma & Masters Certificate Courses which are internationally recognised.

We also offer a range of short and one/two day workshops where you can learn skills such as working with ganache, coating double barrelled cakes, painting on cakes, cake scuplting, working with cake lace, painting on cakes, making cake pops..

If you would like any more information or help choosing your next course(s) please do contact us.



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