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Recognised for our 'Excellent Level' of teaching skills and innovative PME Diploma Courses, Inspired Creations (Surrey School of Sugarcraft) in association with Items for Sugarcraft Centre were presented with the 'PME Professional Diploma Award of Excellence for UK and Ireland 2014' and have also received their award for the 'Highest Number of PME Professional Masters Certificates Achieved by Students in UK and Ireland for 2016'.

The PME Diploma Courses & Masters Certificate are internationally recognised awards in the cake making industry. These Diploma courses provide professional training designed specifically for those who enjoy making & decorating cakes and are anticipating selling cakes to family and friends or as a commercial business.

You can choose which course(s) you would like to do and in what order. You will be awarded a Diploma Certificate on full attendance and successful completion of the skills outlined in each course. When you achieve all three diplomas, you will be awarded the PME Masters Certificate.

Our courses are taught in English, are intensive and fast paced. To get the most out of them, if you are a complete beginner, you may find it useful to gain some basic cake decorating skills, perhaps by attending one or more of our Beginner Certificate Classes / Wilton Method® Courses before you take the Diploma courses or at least consider attending the PME Sugarpaste Diploma module first.

A summary of the skills covered in the three PME Diploma Courses together with our dates scheduled for 2017/8 are listed below. The pictures are a sample of the work you will achieve. If you have specific dates in mind that do not fit our scheduled groupClassroom PME_RI classes or you prefer to learn on a 'one to one' basis, private tuition is also available.

Once you have made your booking, we will email you a materials list so that you know what you will need to bring with you to class, such as cake boards, sugarpaste etc. Whilst with us you will have free use of all our PME equipment and you will be given a complimentary kit containing a number of useful tools & cutters. There is a different kit for each PME Diploma course. Our '14 Day Intensive PME Masters Certificate' course option is inclusive of all materials, equipment and packaging. For all our classes, we recommend that you bring a notebook, pen and a camera to each lesson, you will also need to bring your lunch each day as food is not provided.

Payment for the course fee can be made in full at the time you make your booking or you can secure your place with a £100 deposit (£200 for the 14 Day Intensive) and agree an arrangement to pay the remaining balance that suits your budget, the final amount is payable by 30 days before the start date of the course. Please read our cancellation policy.

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions or need help deciding which course(s) to book. 


PME Professional Diploma & Masters Certificate - 14 Day Intensive - £1280 (All Incl.) (84 hours)

PME Sugarpaste JunglePME Sugarflowers Helen sprayPMEThis long awaited 'Combined Courses' option is ideal for those who wish to gain their Masters Certificate in a concentrated space of time, it is particularly popular with students who are travelling a distance or from overseas.

A summary of the skills covered within this 14 day course to achieve all three PME Diploma Modules are outlined fully in each of the separate module sections further down this page. The pictures are a sample of just some of the work you will achieve.

If you have any questions please contact us.

For your convenience, this course option is inclusive of all materials, equipment and packaging. The only thing you need to do is organise your travel, accommodation and bring your lunch each day. We have scheduled a 'Rest Day' part way through your course, this date is listed on the 'Book Now' page. On this date you will be free to arrange your own plans. The school will be closed. 


Sat 3rd February to Sat 17th February (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 3rd March to Sat 17th March (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 14th April to Sat 28th April (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 12th May to Sat 26th May (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 9th June to Sat 23rd June (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 7th July to Sat 21st July (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 28th July to Sat 11th August (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 15th Setpember to Sat 29th September (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Sat 6th October to Sat 20th October (10.15am - 4.15pm) - 14 Days - PLACES!booknow

Each PME Diploma Module can be taken separately. You can decide which order but if you are fairly new to cake decorating we would recommend you take them in the order they are listed below.

Please note that with effect from January 2018 the prices for each PME Diploma Module will increase.

Sugarpaste Diploma - 4 Day - £340 (25 hours) 

We recommend you take this Module first especially if you are fairly new to cake decorating, if you are a complete beginner consider taking our Wilton Method Course 3 - Fondant (Sugarpaste) & Gum Paste (Flower Paste) first. 

PME Sugarpaste Jungle  Basic Techniques
  Coating fruit cakes, sponge cakes & dummies, Crimping & Embossing
  Fabric Effects, Swags, Drapes, Frills & Flounces
  Ribbons, Bows, Sugar Embroidery, Pastillage,  
  Modelling Fun Figures, Simple sculpted Novelty Cake 
  Texturing, Fabric Flowers & Leaves, Inlay & Applique
  Stacked Cake Design & Handling
  Designing Celebration Cakes & Colour Balance
  Basic Business Guidelines
  Copyright & License
PMESP Frills Flounces PMESP Drapes FabricFlowersTeddybear carved cake




Tuesday 31st October - Friday 3rd November (10.15am - 4.15pm) -1 PLACE!booknow


Saturday 3rd February to Tuesday 6th February (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 3rd March to Tuesday 6th March (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Thursday 5th April to Sunday 8th April (10.15am - 4.15pm) - PLACES!booknow

Saturday 14th April to Tuesday 17th April (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 12th May to Tuesday 15th May (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 9th June to Tuesday 12th June (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 7th July to Tuesday 10th July (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 28th July to Tuesday 31st July (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 15th September to Tuesday 18th September (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Saturday 6th October to Tuesday 9th October (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 2 PLACES! booknow

Please contact us for further details.


Sugar Flowers Diploma - 5 Day - £395 (30 hours) 

To get the most out of this course, we recommend you have some basic knowlege working with flower paste. If you are a complete beginner consider taking our Introduction to Wired Sugar Flowers Workshop first.

PME Sugarflowers Helen sprayPME Flower SprayPME Gerbera - CopyPME Rose






Unwired Sugar Flowers - Floral Plaques including Gerbera / Daisies, Moulded Roses.

Wired Sugar Flowers - Fantasy Flowers, a variety of foliage & buds, Traditional Roses, Cattleya & Cymbidium Orchids, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Traditional Lily, wired Daisy/Gerbera/Chrysanthemum, Cherry Blossom, Honeysuckle, Freesia, Arum Lily, Carnations, Blackberries.

Alternatives to sugar flowers, Creating Wired Sugar Flower arrangements & Sprays, Decorating cake stands & knives, How to cost & Price.


Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October (10.15pm - 4.15pm) - 1 PLACE! booknow


Tuesday 13th February to Saturday 17th February - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 13th March to Saturday 17th March - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 24th April to Saturday 28th April - 3 PLACES!booknow

Weds 16th May to Mon 21st May (No Lesson Sun 20th May!) - 3 PLACES!booknow 

Wednesday 13th June to Monday 18th June (No Lesson Sun 17th June!) - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 17th July to Saturday 21st July - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 7th August to Saturday 11th August - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 25th September to Saturday 29th September - 3 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 16th October to Saturday 20th October - 3 PLACES!booknow

Friday 9th to 11th November & Saturday 17th to 18th November - PLACES!booknow

Please contact us for further details. 


Royal Icing Diploma - 5 Day - £395 (30 hours)

To get thPMEe most out of this course, we recommend you have some basic knowlege working with Royal Icing. If you are a complete beginner consider taking our Wilton Method Course 2 - Royal Icing Skills - Flowers & Cake Design first.

How to Marzipan a cake & coat using Royal Icing, preparing & storing Royal Icing. 

Piping techniques from shells, scrolls, straight lines, bulbs, rope boarders to piped flowers, inscriptions, templates, scroll boarders, runout collars & extention boarders, motifs, lettering, numbering.

Brush embroidery, lace designs, advanced piped boarders, bridges, & extension border designs, piped lace, side designs, assembling multi tiered cakes, cake portioning, cutting, assembly & presentation. 

An insight into the business end of cake decorating covering areas such as packaging, transport & delivery costs, cake pricing guidelines.

PME RI_May20172


PME RI_2017 PME RI_2017_1PME Collar





Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December (10.15am - 4.15pm) - 3 PLACES!booknow


Wednesday 7th Feb to Monday 12th Feb (No Lesson Sunday 11th Feb!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 7th March to Monday 12th March (No Lesson Sunday 11th March!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 18th April to Monday 23rd April (No Lesson Sunday 22nd April) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 22nd May to Saturday 26th May - 2 PLACES!booknow

Tuesday 19th June to Saturday 23rd June - 2 PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 11th July to Monday 16th July (No Lesson Sunday 15th July!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 1st Aug to Monday 6th Aug (No Lesson Sunday 5th Aug!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Friday 17th to 19th November & Saturday 25th to 26th November - PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 19th Sept to Monday 24th Sept (No Lesson Sunday 23rd Sept!) - 2 PLACES!

Wednesday 19th Sept to Monday 24th Sept (No Lesson Sunday 23rd Sept!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Wednesday 10th Oct to Monday 15th Oct (No Lesson Sunday 14th Oct!) - 2 PLACES!booknow

Please contact us for further details.



Reasons why people choose to study with us: 
  • Our class sizes are limited to 7 students.
  • PME accredited, experienced & qualified 'Award Winning' Tutors.
  • Choice of consequtive days (Mon - Fri), 14 day intensive, weekend or once weekly daytime & evening courses.
  • Bookings are secured with a £100 deposit. The balance can be paid by agreed installments to help spread the cost.
  • The course price includes the use of all necessary equipment within class, which means that you only need to bring materials.
  • A complimentary kit containing useful tools and a workbook for each module (valued at over £45).
  • Each course has between 25 and 30 hours of high quality, intensive training.
  • An 'All Inclusive option' where we can provide all your materials. Especially useful if you are travelling a distance or from overseas.
  • Newly refurbished, comfortable, well kitted out classroom, kitchen and outside courtyard.
  • 10% discount on all purchases at Items for Sugarcraft, Kenley (excluding electrical items) whilst attending your course.
  • Direct contact with the school owner and your tutor throughout the course.
  • Reasonably priced, comfortable local accommodation.
  • 30 minute train journey from Gatwick Airport. Accessible from Heathrow via tube & train journey.
  • Train and Bus links within 2 minute walk of our venue. Free local parking.

This is what our students say:

PME MASTERS_students

14 Day RI May2016

"It has given me the confidence to reach the next level, I now want to work towards teaching others" Aby (West Wickham).

"Thanks to Hannah and her team I have just started my own small cake decorating business from home" Sarah (Horsham)

"Thank PMESP14DayMay2016you so much Sue, Hannah and Lynn, I made some really nice friends on my visit to England and learnt a lot from your very helpful instructors, I am so pleased to get my Sugarpaste Diploma, I will come back soon to get my Masters" Dina (Egypt) 


pme-socialsize  Wilton social

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