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About Us

groupphotoIn 2000, Hannah Collison founded Inspired Creations School of Sugarcraft. For the past 15 years she has had the privilege to work with two very talented sugarcraft artist tutors Lynn Crees-Glendinning & Susan Wilcox delivering quality technical classes at two local venues.

Since March 2020, Hannah has been working from her home studio, busy adapting her technology and teaching skills to offer high quality online, livestream, fully interactive classes. Her professionally prepared, structured lessons offer a learning experience that is just like an 'in person' class, enhanced by a perfect view using three cameras. Separately produced video tutorials are available to back up learning with no limit to the number of times you can view. 'It is important that each student gains a positive learning experience producing high quality projects from the skills taught in our classes'.

The school offers an extensive range of professionally run online cake decorating courses suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and has built a reputation for crafting excellence in cake decoration. Inspired Creations are one of the first and few to offer Online Certificate Courses for Beginners.

Whether you're keen to try out a new hobby; want to hone your home cake making & decorating skills; or are looking to start a professional career in sugarcraft, Hannah is here to help you realise your potential and have some fun along the way.

Our school began with one guiding principle - which is as relevant today as it was 21 years ago - to impart enthusiasm and instil a lasting passion and confidence for creating beautiful cakes.


About Hannah Collison - (Tutor & School Owner)

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Hannah has earned an admirable reputation along with prizes for her work. Hannah is the owner and tutor at Inspired Creations (Online School of Sugarcraft) and has been teaching professional cake decorating skills since 2000. She was also a cake project designer for Cake-Craft & Decoration Magazine for over 5 years producing regular articles on a variety of sugarcraft skills her specialty being Wired Sugar Flowers, project designs that are still very 'on trend'.

Hannah Collison’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching professional sugarcraft began over 27 years ago. She enrolled in a ten week evening course to learn how to bake and decorate a fruit cake for Christmas and this proved to be the start of a life changing career. In the months that followed Hannah left a successful career in banking and retrained as an adult education teacher. From this she went on to teach the art and techniques of sugarcraft and in 2000 set up her own school Inspired Creations (Surrey School of Sugarcraft).

More recently, Hannah has received high praise for her online classes which is extremely positive and encouraging. 'This method of training is a new way forward for many and it is important that we embrace the technology and step up to the challenges of change'. Hannah continues to work hard to inspire, encourage and nurture the creative ambitions of each and every student and plans to continue teaching for many years to come.