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Due to COVID-19 outbreak:

With effect from 17th March 2020 all our 'on-site' (actual in person) courses, workshops and weekly hobby classes have been postponed. At the moment, we have set a  ‘re-start date’ of the week beginning  Monday 20th April 2020, this will be reviewed nearer the time and may need to be extended.

All students who have made bookings to attend classes during the postponed period will be contacted by email and will be offered alternative date options or a credit note (gift voucher with no expiry date) for the full amount they have paid.For more information please take a look at our Cancellation Policy which has been updated to reflect these changes. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

We would like to wish everyone the very best of health and we look forward to welcoming you back to our school in the near future.

Cancellation Policy

Extraordinary measures introduced for our classes due to COVID-19 outbreak - 17th March 2020:

Following the guidance and best practices now recommended by the Government, NHS and UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office it is critical for all of us to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

Inspired Creations, as a respected, long established but small business want to act responsibly and have decided to step forward and make the necessary decisions on behalf of everyone we were likely to meet over the next few weeks. We would very much appreciate your support in this ever-evolving situation

    • With effect from 17th March 2020 all our courses, workshops and weekly hobby classes have been postponed. At the moment, we have set a  ‘re-start date’ of the week beginning  Monday 20th April 2020, just over a month from now.
    • This means that our Tuesday am, Thursday am & Thursday pm hobby classes are planned to start again week beginning Monday 20th April 2020. This also applies to all our future dated 12 Day Intensive Courses, Short and One Day Workshops. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and as we get closer to the ‘re-start date’ we will make informed decisions about the health and safety implications of resuming our small group classes. We may need to postpone classes for longer.
    • Catch up sessions will be offered to those who have been attending the recent Hobby Classes over the past few weeks.
    • Alternative course dates will be offered to all students who are booked onto our 12 Day Intensive – PME Diplomas & Masters Certificate Course which was scheduled to begin on Saturday 28th March. If you are booked onto this course we will be in touch with you shortly.
    • Alternative dates will also be offered to all those booked onto any of our workshops that were scheduled to run between 17th March and 20th April. If you are booked onto one of these classes we will be in touch with you soon.
    • If the alternative dates we offer are not convenient then we will issue you with a credit note (gift voucher) for the full amount you have already paid for your course, this will NOT have an expiry date so you can take all the time you need to pick a suitable date. This credit note (gift voucher) can also be used to pay in part or in full for any of our other future dated courses including our private lessons.
    • Inspired Creations (Surrey School of Sugarcraft) business office is based at our home and so we will be able to respond to all your emails and phone enquiries 01883 340529. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm - Monday to Saturday.
    • We will keep in touch via email, our Newsletter (click HERE to sign up), Facebook and our Instagram social mdedia pages. When this immediate situation settles and we are all tucked safely in our homes finding things to do, we will be offering all our students some free tutorials via our YouTube channel InspiredCreationsUK feel free to subscribe already, because sometimes we will all need a break from the news, hopefully this is a way we can be some source of support and inspiration.
    • Over the coming weeks, Inspired Creations will be working hard behind the scenes to prepare for a ‘full steam ahead’ approach as soon as it considered safe to do so and we very much look forward to welcoming you back to our school.
Inspired Creations holds the right to cancel or change the date of any of their advertised events / leisure activities for whatever reason:

In these circumstances Inspired Creations will normally arrange an alternative date and offer students either a transfer to this date or, if this date is not convenient, an alternative course. If neither is possible a full refund will be offered. Travel and/or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for. Please ensure you have adequate travel, hotel and course cancellation insurance cover.


In the unlikely event that the advertised tutor is unable to teach the event / leisure activity:

Inspired Creations will substitute another appropriately qualified tutor.


In the event of unfavourable weather conditions:

Inspired Creations will make the decision to cancel an event if we consider it unsafe to access the local main roads surrounding our classrooms in Kenley or Caterham. If you are attending a regular weekly leisure activity or a multiple day event that has already begun, a 'catch up' date will be arranged. If you are booked onto a One Day event that has not yet started Inspired Creations will offer students either a transfer to an alternative date, a transfer to a different event or the option to receive a full refund of the course fee that you have paid.

If our event locations are unaffected by bad weather but you are unable to attend a course because of the conditions local to you, unfortunately we will not be able to offer an alternative date or refund.

Travel and/or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for. Please ensure you have adequate travel/hotel insurance cover.

If you are Travelling from Overseas:

If a VISA is required to enter the UK, we recommend that you book your event at least three months in advance to allow time for the VISA application to be processed. Inspired Creations will provide an event registration email confirming the booking to give to the relevant embassy, we do not issue invitation letters. Refunds will not be offered under any circumstances should a VISA application be declined or delayed.

If the UK or the country you are travelling through or from imposes a restriction on your travel plans to the UK an event refund cannot be offered.

If you are a Non-UK Resident we recommend you contact your local insurance broker or issuer to apply for adequate insurance cover to proctect against the possibility of a declined VISA application, the need to cancel your travel plans, hotel accommodation or course.

If you need to cancel your booking:

We have a 'no refunds' policy. Should you decide to cancel or are unable to attend your event / leisure activity or cannot use your gift voucher for whatever reason (includes illness of any kind). At the school owner's discretion, if the booked event is scheduled one month or more in advance we may transfer you to another event but only if Inspired Creations is able to re-sell the place. You will incur a £20 administration fee.

The option to transfer event will not be offered if any of the following circumstances apply:

- Cancellation within 4 weeks of the event commencing (unless there is a waiting list and the place can be resold).

- Students are unable to attend an event due to a change in personal circumstances (personal/family member incident, illness of any kind, work commitments or any other reason).

- Students are unable to attend an event due to travel problems, goverment imposed travel restrictions / recommendations, bad weather, cancellations by travel operators or any other external factor outside of our control.

- Students require a VISA to enter the UK and are unable to obtain one.

Travel or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for should you or Inspired Creations need to cancel an event. Please ensure you have adequate travel, hotel and event / leisure activity cancellation insurance cover.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy or want to know how to get hotel/event/leisure activity cancellation insurance cover please contact us.